Music, yes or no?

Dear users,

Make the time in your hospitality facility interesting! As being aware of your battles with everyday duties, we are shure that you understand well that authors make living from their own work. Come and talk to our officers, take part in our seminars, discover what are the advantages of obtaining licenses to use music, find out more on your legal obligation to conclude contracts with PAM CG. Use the music in a lawfull manner. Get the PAM CG’s license, in order to avoid legal consequences for unauthorized use of music works! Respect other people’s propery rights and use music legally.

Respect the author! Call us and find out more on how to organize concerts, music festivals and shows legally, how to become legal music publisher, broadcaster, cable operator and how to use music on your mobile phone and other devices.

Finally, we say YES to music, but not without the authorization!

Dear music authors and users of PAM CG’s repertoire,

Pursuant to provisions of Copyright and Related Rights Act of Montenego, our organization protects rights of composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers from all around the world. We remind you that by obtaining the permition of conducting the activity of collective management of music authors’ rights on January 2006, we have set a difficult tasks: to protect the music authors’ rights in Montenegro, to satisfy the global criteria in the field of protection of music authors’ rights and to introduce our organization as a serious and reasonable partner, with whom related organizations are willing to cooperate.

In given circumstances, we have done everything that was in our power to improve our work. There are years behind us when music authors’ rights were insufficiently respected. It is history now. Montenegro and PAM CG stand as a guarantee that times of disregard the authors’ rights will never happen again!

PAM CG developed new IT system and owns the largest Database in the Region.

Professional service of PAM CG takes all the information on copyrighted works from a WID database (Musical Works Information Database), which is the Database of the works of music authors from all over the world.

Professional service of PAM CG takes all the information on music authors of copyrighted works from IPI Database (Interested Party Information).