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On these pages you can also find all kind of standard forms for authors.

You’re author? Please help us educating those who publicly use your music works without permission – PAM CG’s approval . Did you know that the public use of musical works without permission also means piracy, the so-called “gray piracy” with an adverse impact to authors.

We run campaign “RESPECT THE AUTHOR” specifically designated to the general public and to users of your musical works. With this campaign we want to bring the music to general public and to users of musical works, as well as to educate them about the facts that music they use in their business to be competitive, is the product of an author. In the campaign, we refer to the basics on copyright protection, the legal obligations of those who use music in public, as well as on legal remedies in case of copyright infringement.

Our struggle for your rights and your royalties each year gives good results so we have fewer and fewer of those who use music without permission. Collected royalties are distributed to you. However, the rapid pace of technology development enables new uses of musical works and thus imposes the need for new mechanisms to protect your rights. We need your vote. Musical works are used everywhere and every time. In doing so, unfortunately, nobody thinks that you have invested your talent, knowledge, ideas, money and time in creating a work. You have to say publicly that your works are part of your existence, and that the unauthorized use of copyrighted work is the same as stealing material things.

When register his/her copyrighted work, the author is required to notify the names of other rightholders, if any, and to provide all information that may affect the proper protection of rights and the distribution of royalties.

Music author may indicate the name of arranger of musical works. Based on this registration, arranger can obtain royalties. Arranger’s name indicated on the registration form, can not be deleted without written consent. Arranger may register adaptation of traditional musical work or adaptation of a musical work that is in public domain. In addition to indicating the name, an author may specify up to two pseudonymus. But the the author can not use a pseudonym if it is an existing civil name, or pseudonym used by another music author ie rightholder. Data on the existing pseudonyms each author may find in our documentation.

The registration form should contain the first four musical tacts or the main theme. The duly completed registration form should be accompanied by full notes and text, as well as demo recording, ie legally issued sound carrier (eg, CD). Musical works are classified in a particular category, depending on the information contained in the registration form, and according to the categorization made by the official Commission. If a work is not registered, PAM CG shall exercise the rights on basis of the available data.

Completed registration forms send us at the following address:
Dr. Vukašina Markovića 110-112
81 110 Podgorica, Montenegro

In the registration form you must specify all the information that affect a proper copyright protection and distribution of royalties. Especially, you must specify if there are other rightholders of copyrighted work. The musical work may be registered by composer, lyricist or arranger. Sign the duly completed registration form, and send it to our address.
Person that submitted the registration form is responsible for the data accuracy!

Information about the author
Power of Attorney and form for the rightholder
Enter your personal data and your residence address. Also, enter the number of your bank account, bank name and bank account number.

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